Mazel Tov!

Congratulations! You have brought a new life into the world. This is a very exciting time for you, your family and your new baby. According to Jewish tradition dating back almost 4000 years, the entering of a son into his heritage is done through a celebration passed down from parents to children, of Bris (Brit) Milah – Ritual circumcision.

The star of the show is your newborn son and he is the number one priority! Before the big day, I will come to the house to examine your son and explain the entire ceremony. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and make sure that the whole celebration is a memorable milestone for your whole family!

Rabbi Aryeh Clyde

We could not be more pleased with the excellent experience we had with Rabbi Clyde. His care and concern for our son and our family was evident throughout the entire process! He made us feel at ease and respected our wishes always. Rabbi Clyde visited with us prior to the bris and even came to the house for a follow up. He also presented us with a beautiful certificate. We would highly recommend Rabbi Clyde!
Jill and Lewis Chazan, Lutz, FL 
Rabbi Clyde is equally professional and personal, warm and supportive – he was the perfect option for our son’s bris. Most importantly, Rabbi Clyde was patient and exceedingly clear in explaining both the procedure and the after-care to us to ensure that we were well equipped mentally and physically.
Michelle and Michael Robbins, South Tampa, FL
Rabbi Clyde was the mohel for our son and he did a great job! He was caring, gentle, and helped put us at ease. It is clear that he is well trained and is an expert at his craft. We highly recommend using him!
Nosson Yishaya & Noa Schwartz. Hollywood, FL

Rabbi Clyde’s warmth and professionalism put us at ease. He travelled quite a distance to check our baby before the Bris and to make sure we had everything we needed. At the Bris, he was calm and reassuring and it was clear he had real expertise. It was a very pleasant experience and I’d highly recommend him.

Devorah and Zevi Burger, Monsey, NY